Four Key Aspects of Obama’s Legacy

A Symbol of Progress and Resilience

Tamer Aydogdu
4 min readNov 21


Barack Obama’s presidency, spanning from 2009 to 2017, was a transformative era in American history, albeit not always for the better due to factors beyond his control. His election as the first American president to identify as black marked a significant milestone in the nation’s pursuit of racial equality.

Barack Obama's policies and leadership approach have had a lasting impact on both domestic and global politics. Despite facing racist criticism, he is held in high regard by Democrats for his presidency due to a combination of factors, including historical context, current considerations, and a deep appreciation for his achievements.

Perceived Ethnic Bias

One prominent reason for the Democrats’ protective attitude toward Barack Obama stems from the belief that he was subjected to unfair treatment and scrutiny based on his ethnicity. As the first president to identify as black, Obama faced unprecedented challenges, including unwarranted questions about his birthplace, religion, and legitimacy, all underscored by racial undertones, which serve as stark reminders of the deep-seated racial prejudices that still permeated American society.

Obama’s presidency was marred by unfair criticism and obstructionist tactics fueled, at least in part, by racial prejudices. Therefore, by rallying behind Obama, Democrats sought to challenge and rectify these perceptions, highlighting the historical significance of his election and the need for a more inclusive and equitable political discourse.

Strategic Vision on Global Alliances

A second pivotal aspect of Obama’s legacy that resonates with Democrats is his strategic vision regarding the global geopolitical landscape. Recognizing the emerging alliance between Russia and China, Obama understood the importance of positioning the United States as a formidable force to counterbalance this evolving dynamic.

The Obama administration recognized that a robust and united transatlantic partnership was crucial for maintaining global stability. By strengthening ties with Europe, Obama sought to ensure that the United States would stand firm against the growing…



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