Parents, Read This: Nature vs. Nurture

Tamer Aydogdu
3 min readOct 21

Dogs have been our loyal companions for thousands of years. We’ve molded them to our image, domesticating various breeds for different purposes, from protection to companionship. However, amidst our canine-centric lives, we often overlook the remarkable lessons these furry friends offer us. In this essay, we’ll delve into a captivating experiment that sheds light on the importance of training and personal development. We’ll explore the profound insights dogs can impart, highlighting the significance of education, loyalty, and fulfilling one’s potential.

The Eye-Opening Experiment

A few years ago, a curious YouTube show caught my attention. The host embarked on a journey to knock on the doors of people who relied on their dogs for protection. The proposition was to put these canine companions to the test. In this intriguing experiment, the majority of the dogs, all of considerable size, fell short of their expected roles.

When a menacing ‘intruder’ staged an attack on their ‘owner’ by forcefully entering the premises, most of these dogs displayed unexpected behavior. Some fled the house through the open door, while others sought refuge somewhere within the residence. The underlying issue was clear: they lacked proper training, despite being domesticated with the intent to safeguard their home and protect their owner.

The Role of Working Dogs

It’s easy to forget that many of the dog breeds we embrace as cherished members of our families were initially domesticated as working dogs with distinct responsibilities. Working dogs are a breed apart, meticulously trained to perform specialized tasks, supporting humans across a spectrum of domains. They encompass search and rescue dogs, police K-9 units, service dogs, therapy dogs, and those essential in agriculture, the military, hunting, herding, and various other fields.

Working dogs are instrumental, offering their intelligence and unwavering connection with humans. They exhibit discipline, focus, and a strong sense of duty. However, every breed of dog, irrespective of their pedigree or inherent abilities, must undergo training to fulfill their intended purpose. They don’t enter this world with an innate understanding of their mission, much like humans…

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